NEWS 2006


December 2006



new pictures - Grek the first obedience trainning


Finnish Winner Show Helsinki - Telkkä - Best of Breed Puppy

new pictures not only from the show


Grek has new owner and new pictures too

All puppies are sold and I wish to all their new owners just to have a fun with them!!! :-)))


Kidd  has new owner and new pictures too


November 2006



Ricky - Intl. Conformation Show Prague (Czech Republ.) 

- excellent 1, Best Veteran


October 2006



Agility Trial in Prague - Trey: 7th in LA1 and won LJ1, Ricky elim in LA3

iprevious weekends we have been on some more agility trials and Trey was 3rd in LA1 and 3rd in Jumping from 35 competitors


Telkkä has her own page


Grek and Kidd are still available, their personal pages have been updated with new pictures


ASCA Agility Trial, Germany 

Ricky has new titles JS-E, GS-O, RS-N

Trey has new titles JS-E, GS-N


September 2006



Pepsi has his own page incl. picture from today :-)) 


Agility Training Camp - update with some more herding pictures

5.9. my first Aussie Andra has finally her own page in English


August 2006


30.8.  Agility Training Camp


June 2006


28.7. Dutch trip 

11.7. two males are still available - Grek and Kidd have each their own page

         (each puppy will have it I just need to begin somewhere ;-))

         pictures at the age of 77 days  

         Sari created Telkä's own page on her homepage 







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