ASCA Conformation Show Netherlands 2006


We planned sometimes in the spring that we will repeat our trip to ASCA Show in the Netherlands. This year the show was judged by Gary Hawley from Windsor Kennel in the USA. 

We had a 5 Aussies in the car but only 4 of them were showed. Kidd was traveling with us as Lída did not want to leave him at home and said she will take care about him during the trip. I would say that both boys finally enjoyed the whole trip and it was great experience for them too. 

Here are our results:
Puppy class 2-4 months - males
Even the youngest in the class
Grek took the second place

Novice class – males
Ricky placed second, the first one was later RWD

Open Red Class – females
I thought that to show
Trey so early after puppies is not the best idea – she took the third place in her class

The most successful member of our group was Chuckie (Chuckie of Bon Chance & Riatta DNA-CP), she won Novice class and got Reserve Winners Bitch later.

I do not have any pictures this time as I was quite busy to show my dogs but Marketa and Lida Urbasek took some.



Reserve Winners Bitch - Chuckie of Bon Chance & Riatta DNA-CP

judge Gary Hawley, USA



We have much more pictures made during our traveling then from the show ;-)








Kidd voluntary trained to stay in the crate at the show ground :-))


Grek and Kidd are still available to approved homes.


photo credit: Marketa and Ludmila Urbasek - thank you!!!







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