JCh. Ch. And I am Here Diandra







* 14.04.2006


black c/w male



Conformation Champion of the Czech Republic

Junior Conformation Champion of the Czech Republic

Club Show Napajedla 2009 - excellent 2, Res.CAC

Club Show Mlada Boleslav 2008 - excellent 1, CAC, ČKŠ

Club Show Mlada Boleslav 2007 - excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior

CAJC (Slovakia, Austria), 2x CAC, Res.CAC

Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008)

- 6th place in Adult Males category

Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2007)

- 2nd place in Junior Males category

Exams: ZZO, LA1

Club (KCHBO) Working Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008)

versatile: 2nd place among Aussies, totally 24th


owner: Petra Baumgartnerová, Ostrava

By chance, Petra was with us a week before Trey’s whelp and then again when the puppies were two weeks old. I believe that already from that time she had started to occasionally talk to Filip about which puppy to choose, however, I never took it too seriously (everybody who knows Filip understands ;-)). In summer Petra had the opportunity to observe both puppies closely for two weeks in Vetrkovice, and she also helped take care of them significantly. Only in the middle of October, when she saw Grek again, she really fell in love with him and the discussions with Filip became more serious. And in a month Grek moved to Ostrava. He shares his owners with Abbo, who dealt very well with the fact he was no longer to be the only pampered child…. Like Abbo, Grek will do agility and sometimes you can meet him at some conformation.

how I am growing:

25.10.09  Agility Trial Hlucin - Jump - 6th place, LA1, Open - elim. - underlined runs = videos

24.10.09  Agility Trial Hlucin - Jump - 5th place, LA1 - 2nd place, Open - elim.

11.11.09  Club Show KCHBO (with awarding of Club Winner title) Napajedla - excellent 2, Res.CAC - pictures here

10.11.09  Club Show KCHBO (without awarding of Club Winner title) Napajedla - excellent 2, Res.CAC - pictures here

13.9.09  Agility Trial Vetrkovice - LA1 - 4th place, Open - elim., Jump - 7th place

12.9.09  Agility Trial Vetrkovice - LA1, Open, Jump - elim.

15.8.09  Agility Trial Vetrkovice - LA1 - elim., Jump - 17th place

31.5.09  Agility Trial Vetrkovice - Jump (1st rnd), LA1, - elim., Jump (2nd rnd) - 10th place

Thank you to Monika Poracka for the video.

30.5.09  Agility Trial Vetrkovice - LA1, Open, Jump - elim.

Club (KCHBO) Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008)

Grek placed sixth in category Adult Males (there were 30 males in total)

Club (KCHBO) Working Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008)

versatile: 2nd place among Aussies, totally 24th


20.9.08 Club Show (KCHBO) - Pohorelice, CZ

- excellent 2, Res.CAC

judge: Elena Ruskovaara (Finland)

report (only in Czech + pictures)  here

Petra took Grek to try Sunday's Jumping just for fun (out of competition) - video - here


19.7.08  National Show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - very good 3 - pictures

28.6.08  International Show Brno (CZ) - excellent 2, Res.CAC - pictures - here

fulfilled conditions for the Czech Conformation Champion title

14.6.08  Club Show KCHBO - Mladá Boleslav (CZ) - excellent 1, CAC, ČKŠ

- judge: Regula Seiler (Switzerland) - pictures - here

31.5.08  Grek’s training place OSA VOSA organized Club Trial again. From the trainees category Grek moved up to the beginners' category (dogs who are not competing yet). He placed 7th in Jump in total (5th in LA) and he won Open totally. He got 4th place in total of Open + Jump and the second in LA – Congratulations!!! You can see some pictures and video from this trial on his home page - here (sorry the article is only in Czech).

11.5.08  Grek passed Obedience exam - ZZO with 57 points and an excellent evaluation, pictures - here

4.5.08  Grek was at the Obedience Trial according to the Czech Obedience Exam called ZZO and got 57 points out of 60 possible and 3rd place - you can see pictures on his web - here

Grek - excellent 2, Res.CAC   

19.4.08  International Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ), excellent 2, Res.CAC



13.1.08  National Show Olomouc (CZ) - very good 2

Club (KCHBO) Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2007)
Grek placed on very nice second place in category Junior Males (there were 28 males in total)

17.11.07  International Show Prague (CZ) - excellent 3

4.11.07     Grek participated at the first agility trial. It was Club unofficial trial organized by his "home" Club OSA VOSA where they train. In the category Trainee Grek won Open and Jumping runs among another 19 dogs in this category. He had clean runs and best time in both runs. So he also won the total.

     Grek and Abbo with all the prizes Grek won :-)

6.10.07     International Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ) - excellent 1, CAC

22.9.07     Club Show KCHBO Pohorelice (CZ) - excellent 3

8.9.07       National Show Brno (CZ) - excellent 1, CAC Grek - National Show Brno, CZ - excellent 1, CAC

26.8.07     International Show Innsbrück - excellent 1, Jugendbester 

                 in the Final Ring Grek got into last 4 Juniors of FCI Gr. I    pictures

25.8.07      National Show Innsbrück - excellent 1

12.8.07     Grek passed in Vetrkovice:

Breed Survey (KCHBO) with result - he can have breeding status after his hips and eyes are checked and will be OK

Temperament Test  got 94 points from max. 100 and also passed untraditional retrieving

Breed Survey and Temperament Test (together with hips - max HD/ C and eyes clearance) are necessary for Aussie to obtain breeding status in CZ - those conditions are valid in KCHBO

21.7.07    National Show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - excellent 1, CAJC - pictures

Grek fulfilled conditions for Junior Champion of the Czech Republic title

3.6.07      Special Show Mlada Boleslav (CZ)
                 excellent 4

2.6.07      Club Show Mlada Boleslav
                 excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior

                 judge Leslie Sorensen (USA) 

pictures, judge reports and article from both (Czech only)

19.5.07    International Show Litomerice (CZ) - excellent  2 - pictures

28.4. - 1.5.07 ASCA Conformation Show Laakdal, Belgie - article here

21.4. International Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ) - excellent 1, CAJC 

1 year



14.4.2007 National Show Ostrava - very good 3

Grek's first Conformation Show:

27.1.2007 International Show Trencin (Slovakia) - excellent  1, CAJC

the first obedience trainning





       practising for lure coursing ;-)    well deserved rest

7,5 months


games with big "brother" Abbo - after one week ;-)










He also had been on Agility Traning camp with us - more info

17 weeks


16.7.06 Grek was shown in non-regular class at ASCA Show Netherlands 2006 - 2nd place -  more info

11 weeks


7,5 weeks


6 weeks


40 days



1 month


20 days


10 days


24 hours



Health:  HD: OFA Moderate
ED: OFA Normal (AS-EL3183M24-VPI)
eyes checked (14.6.08, 1.6.06) - clear
MDR1 Normal/ Normal (based on of both parents results)
full complement of permanent teeth, scissors bite
full complement of milk teeth, scissors bite
testicles fully descended into the scrotum


height 53,5 cm
character test: 94 points (from 100 possible) + untraditional aport
long tail, undocked

Description from the Breed Survey: STUD DOG if hips and eyes exams will be OK according to Breeding Rules of KCHBO, 53,5 cm, both eyes brown, tail long/ undocked, typical head, ears placed high, correctly set, correct shape and middle size, eyes almond shaped, correctly placed, full complement of teeth, scissors bite, neck according to standard, chest deep and spacious, back firm, straight, strong and level, croup slightly sloped, tummy according to standard, forequarters: position and angulations correct, free elbows in the movement, blades correctly placed, correct length, front legs straight, strong, hindquarters: position and angulations correct, hocks short, perpendicular, parallel, coat medium texture and length, color according to standard, pigmentation corresponds with the coat color, eyelids, lips and nose fully pigmented, movement smooth, free, easy, balanced, convergent, sex correctly expressed, testicles fully descended into the scrotum, fully developed, in the show condition, general appearance balanced, medium size and bone, good frame, character steady, active, attentive. Weak reaction on shooting.

(12.8.2007 Vetrkovice, judge: Petr Rehanek)

Character Test:: 10-10-19-5-10-12-10-10-8 = 94 points + untraditional aport



 COI 9,86 (14 generations)

Windedos Night Flight

HD/ A, elbows 0, eyes cleared

MDR1 Normal/ Normal

VCH WTCH Ch Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin PATDc GS-O JS-O RS-O DNA-VP
OFA good
HOF Ch Casa Buena Cadillac Jack STDc OTDds DNA-CP
OFA good
HOF WTCH Gabrielinos Gloria CD RDg DNA-CP
OFA good
Fairoaks Amaretto
OFA exc, CERF 97, 98, neg (01, 02), HD/ A (Sweden 2000)
Fairoaks Atreyu STDd OTDcs DNA-CP
OFA good
Boot Hills Ronita of Fairoaks
OFA good
JCh. Multi Ch. s.Lost Creek Diandra Tracy EWJ

Ch.Legends RX for Success DNA-CP
OFA good

Ch.Windogo's Johnnie Walker Red
OFA exc.
VCH WTCH Ch.Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDsc HS-As ROM I DNA-CP
OFA good
Private Stoc Artistic Design,
OFA good
HOF Ch.Windhills Shine on Macon
OFA good
HOF Private Stoc's Manzanita OTDc STDd CD
OFA good


I would like to thank to Zdenek and Marketa Korint, Marketa Urbaskova, Lucie Brettsnajdrova and her mother, Ivana Patakova, Teppo Kariluoto, Ing.arch.Martina Kapralkova and the owners for the pictures :-)


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