Agility Training Camp Vetrkovice 2006

We have spent two weeks with Ricky, Trey, Kidd and Grek near Opava in the middle of woods, fields and meadows.

You can see in the following pictures how beautiful this part of the Czech Republic is.



We were there as usually both weeks. There is an agility training twice a day for 5 days and on the 6th day the official competition is held, where participants have a chance to test how they improved within last 5 days.  So Ricky and Trey were training with others twice a day



Of course I did not miss the trial with both my dogs – Ricky fulfilled conditions to move up to A3 already last summer but due to the planned litter I postponed our move up to this summer. This competition was Ricky's first on A3 level.


With the following results:

Trey in LA1 - 3rd place, she also fulfilled with this run conditions for move up to A2 but I think I will let her stay in A1 for sometime yet. In Jumping she was the 6th and when they count  LA1 + Jumping together it resulted in the 2nd place.

In the first picture you can see price giving for LA1 run. Please note that Aussies were really not lost in this run – two were running in this run and both placed. Congratulations to Marketa and Chuckie for their win!!!

Ricky in LA3 - 1st place, in jumping elimination


You can also see in those pictures that Kidd and Grek were trying really everything – even price giving – but every experience might be useful in the future ;-))

So I explained in the evening to both that they have to be good boys also in the future and continue in training (if we can call it training with such small dogs - it is rather a game then a training :-))) as we started. If they remain so handsome as now they might find new owners who will be interested in continuing in agility with them. You can judge it yourself how good they were. In my, of course very prejudiced eyes, they were both really handsome and the main thing is that both of them enjoyed it and had a lot of fun :-)

Here is Grek

and tunnels


on the dog walk


jumps even if bars are almost on the ground ;-)

in the beginning straight


and here we are already turning


even on agility I cannot forget to show how pretty I am  ;-)


and this is Kidd

and open tunnel


and closed tunnel


dog walk




please note his concentration ;-))


it is necessary to have a rest after the training

and also play a lot     


My dogs were not the only Aussies spending the first week there too. Petra and Abbo Mlada Ziva and Chuckie of Bonchance & Riatta with her owner and handler Marketa were there as well.


                      or would the blue tunnel suit us better?                                                                  

It was really hard work to make such pictures especially thanks to Kidd and Grek who have no idea what the word stay means yet. You can see how much fun they had while we were trying to make some pictures with all of them,


But we improved at the end of the second week when there were more Aussies than in this picture  ;-)

Program of the second week was exactly the same, just most of the people changed

So we trained again.



                                                    weave poles can be big fun sometimes

and trialed


This week Ricky and Trey were the only ones defending Aussies but they did not get lost.

Trey in A1 elim. and in jumping was the 6th again.

Ricky won (again :-))) in A3 and in jumping was second. He also won count of LA3+ Jumping together  :-))

Also as usually we visited twice our friend Alena and mainly her sheep.






In numbers, the second week there was one more Aussie than the first week. Chuckie left but just stopped on the way to herding when we were making our photos so she is also in this picture. Petra with Abbo said already last year that this year it will be two weeks and complied with it. So beside Abbo there was also Emir Ew-Bor with his owner Lucie and Phoebe with her owner Alena. I just want to add that Phoebe was very good on herding.

I sincerely hope that next year we will meet at least with the same Aussie people in Vetrkovice or even better more Aussies with their owners will join us.


At the end let me say thank you to all people who allowed me to use their pictures. Petra Baumgartnerova, Alena Kromkova, Andrea Kropacova, Slavka Podmolova and Urbasek family - thank you!!!

My another big thank you belongs to Petra and Lucie for their patience and help to "train" Grek and Kidd  :-))



Grek and Kidd are still available to approved homes only




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