* 28.10.1998

blue-merle male with white markings (rf)




Czech Junior Champion

 Champion of the Czech Republic

Champion of the Slovak Republic

Champion of Poland

Champion of Hungary

Champion of Austria

Veteran Champion 

Club Champion KCHBO

Club Champion KCHMPP

Club Junior Champion KCHMPP

Champion of Champions 2000

Khara Winner 2000

Cruft's qualifier

Club Winner 2000

Winner of the Specialty Show 2003



Agility   Herding

Work Club Champion (KCHBO)

A3 Champion

agility: LA1, LA2, LA3

Work Selection - Agility (KCHBO)



herding: ZVOP


obedience: ZOP, ZPU1


Winner of the Czech Republic Championship in Lure Coursing 2003, 2004, 2006

Winner of the Bohemia Championship in Lure Coursing 2004, 2005

Lure Coursing Winner 2004, 2005


Working Merit for Australian Shepherds 2008 (KCHBO)

agility: Absolute Winner

Agility Merit of Club Agility CZ 2008 (All Breeds)

- 35th place from 335 LA teams

Working Merit for Australian Shepherd 2007 (KCHBO)

agility: 1st place among AS, totally 4th place

Agility Merit of Club Agility CZ 2007 (All Breeds)

- 19th place from295 LA teams




Stud Dog - recommended for breeding (KCHBO)

character test 90 points

Agility    Lure Coursing    Obedience






HD OFA Good (AS-15280G25M)

Elbows OFA Normal (AS-EL1406M72)

DNA Test (Optigen, USA) - CEA/ CH - normal

DNA Test (Optigen, USA) - prcd-PRA - normal

 Eyes regularly cleared (on 29.10.09, 2.10.08, 3.10.06, 6.1.05, 26.2.04, 26.2.03, 16.1.02, 12.12.00, 8.12.99, 23.11.98), in 2008 was diagnosed with senile cataract

DNA Test (Washington State University, USA) - MDR1 - normal/ normal

 DNA VP = Verified Parentage

COI 9,5% 


HOFX Imagineer Kennel - Gemi Sasson Brickson + Eric Brickson

Agility    Herding


Agility    Lure Coursing    Obedience






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