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Telkkä - 29 months old    Telkkä - 29 months old





* 14.04.2006


black c/w female



BOB, BOS, CAC (2x), Res.CAC


Finish Agility Champion

Estonian Agility Champion

BH, LA1, LA2, LA3

Obedience 3

Reporting 1


Best Agility Aussie of the Year in Finland in 2010, 2011, 2012

owner: Sari Kariluoto, Finland


Telkkä and Sari will do agility mainly. Besides agility Sari is competing with her other dogs in reporting occasionally. I think Telkkä will join them in the future too. To my big surprise Sari has already taken Telkkä to conformation ring so far to non-official classes, and actually twice. At the first show Telkkä won her class (5-7 months) even if she was belonging there just for 10 days and got the honour prize. And she also beat almost 9 month old bitch which won the „older“ class and Telkkä  finished as BOS puppy. The second time they stepped to conformation ring on Match Show where puppies of different breeds compete together with ruling out system. Telkkä ended up among 8 best puppies out of 121 in total.

Telkkä lives in Finland just on the border of Helsinki.

I believe that Telkkä will fulfill all Sari’s plans and dreams she has been having during those almost two years while waiting for puppy from Trey. Sari, I hope your patience will pay off.

how I am growing:

14.2.10  Agility Trial Hyvinkää - LA3 (1st rnd) - 1st place from 58 dogs, Telkkä also won another certificate which means she needs just one more to become Finish Agility Champion :-) Congratulations!!!

LA3 (2nd rnd) - 21st place, LA3 (3rd rnd) - 10th place

5.12.2010  Agility Trial Porvoo - LA3 - 3rd place and also first certificate necessary for the title of Finish Agility Champion.

18.10.09  Agility Trial Hyvinkää - LA3 - 8th place, LJ3 - 6th place. Telkkä had two clear runs and qualified to the Finish Agility Championship next year. Congratulations!!!

15.10.09  Telkkä's eyes were cleared.

22.8.09  National Show - Nokia (Finland) - judge: Gert Christensen (Denmark)
- excellent 1, CAC, BOS

25.6.09  Agility Trial Porvoo - LA3 - 4th place, LJ3 - elim.

13.6.09  Finish Agility Championship - LJ - final (1st rnd) - elim.

12.6.09  Finish Agility Championship - LA3 (1st rnd) - 26th place (101 dogs), LA3 (2nd rnd) - 16th place

6.6.09  Agility Trial Kouvola - LA3 (1st rnd) - 7th place, LA3 (2nd rnd) - elim., LJ3 - 4th place

31.5.09  Agility Trial Nokia - LA3 - 13th place,  LJ3 - 2nd place (32 dogs)

30.5.09  Agility Trial Helsinki - LA3 - 7th place, LJ3 - 14th place (in total 60 dogs in LA3) 
Telkkä qualified to the Finish Agility Championship - congratulations and keeping fingers crossed :-)))

21.5.09  Agility Trial Vantaa - LA3 - 3rd place, LJ3 - elim.

9.5.09  Agility Trial Jomala - LA3 - 5th place, LJ3 - 7th place

8.3.09 Agility Trial Lappeeranta - LA3 (1st rnd) - 4th place, LA3 (2nd rnd) - elim.

8.2.09  Agility Trial Helsinki - Jump (1st rnd) - clear run 14th place from 55 dogs in LA3, Jump (2nd rnd) - elim., Open (A3) - clear run 22nd place from 67 dogs

12.10.08  Agility Trial Siilinjärvi - LA3 - 3rd place

11.10. Telkkä participated in the Reporting on level 1. She was just 2 points from an excellent evaluation.



27.9.08  Group Show Salo (Finland)

excellent 3

judge: Pirjo Aaltonen (Finland)

Thanks to the owner who allowed me to groom and handle Telkkä there.


22.9.08  Telkkä passed regular eyes exam - everything OK

21.9.08  Obedience 2 - 2nd place from totally 13 dogs, fulfilled conditions for moving up to the level 3

15.7.08  Agility Trial Riihimäki - A2 - 1st place from 39 dogs

Telkkä fulfilled conditions to move up to A3 category. At the age of 2 year and 3 months it is big success - congratulations to her owner!!!!!



1.6.08  Agility Trial Helsinki

A2 - elim., Jump 2 - 5th place (from 31 dogs totaly)



31.5.08  Agility Trial Helsinki

A2 - 24th place, Jump 2 - 7th place (from 37 dogs in total)

Beside those two runs there was also very prestigious Trial called Newcomer of the Year, which consisted from 2 rounds (agility + jump) and Telkkä won in LA category. There were more then 50 dogs participating in this Trial.


25.5.08  Agility Trial Lappeenranta (Finland)

A2 - 2nd place


24.5.08  National Show Kangasniemi (Finland) - excellent 1, CAC, BOB

12.5.08  Obedience Trial Jokela (Finland)

Telkkä got 87 points

11.5.08  Agility Trial Jomala (Finland)

A2 - elim.


10.5.08  Agility Trial Jomala (Finland)

A2 (1st rnd) - elim., A2 (2nd rnd) - 3rd place, Jump 2 - elim.


4.5.08  Agility závod Mikkeli (Finsko)

Open 2 - 1st place

20.4.08   Agility Trial Mikkeli (Finland)

Open 2 (1st rnd) - elim., Open 2 (2nd rnd) - 3rd place

Link to a video on underlined name of run.


23.2.08 National Show Ylihärmä (Finland) -  very good 1, judge: Gunilla Skallmann

12.1.08  Agility Trial Eckerö (Finland)                                 Video

Open 1 - 4th place from 35 dogs with clean run. Telkkä participated within 2,5 months in 9 runs in total and at the age almost 21 months she fulfilled conditions for move up to A2 - congratulations!! 

5.1.08 International Show Kajaani (Finland) -  excellent 2, judge: Elina Ruskovaara

At the same place she was entered in the Agility Trial: Open 1 - she placed 8th from 22 dogs


18.11.07 Agility Trial Helsinki (Finland)

Open 1: 6th place from 34 dogs. Jumping 1 - elim. Telkkä run in her short Trial career 6 runs until now. Twice she had a clean runs, twice she had one fault and twice she was eliminated because Sari preferred to correct Telkkäs mistake then to finish run with fault even if it means elimination. They need one more clean run for move up to A2.


17.11.07 Agility Trial Turku (Finland)

Open 1 (1st rnd) - 6th place, Open 1 (2nd rnd) - elim.

27.10.07 Agility Trial Turku (Finland)

Telkkä participated in her second Agility Trial. This time it was Jumping 1. She placed 4th from 40 dogs. 

20.10.07 Agility Trial Vantaa (Finland)                             Video

Telkkä participated in her first official Agility Trial. In Open 1 she placed 3rd from 18 dogs in this category

4.10.07 Telkkä passed the BH Exam

27.8.07  Obedience - Novice, Helsinki (Finland)

Telkkä competed in the Obedience in Novice level. She got the first prize and fulfilled conditions to move up to Open level.

1.9.07 National Show Vantaa (Finland) - good, judge: Cristian Stavarache (Romania)

27.8.07  Obedience - Novice, Jokela (Finland)

Telkkä competed in the Obedience in Novice level. She got the third prize.

23.8.07  Obedience - Novice, Jokela (Finland)

Telkkä competed in the Obedience in Novice level for the first time. She got the second prize.

19.8.07 National Show Heinola (Finland) - very good 1, judge: Miklos Levente (Hungary)

18.8.07 Natioanl Show Kouvola (Finland) - very good 2, judge: Colm Hastings (Ireland)

19.7.07 Telkkä's eyes were cleared

30.6.207 National Show Tuusula (Finland) - very good 1, judge: Rony Doedijns


16.6.07 National Show Hämeenlinna (Finland) - very good 1, judge: Tapio Eerola (Finland)


9.6.07 National Show Kangasniemi (Finland) - excellent 1, Res.CAC, judgeí: Päivi Eerola (Finland)

3.6.07 National Show Lohja (Finsko) - very good 1, judge: Lillian Hanniste (Estonia)


May 2007


Winter Fun

January 2007 - on the snow







January 2007 - without snow



The first official Conformation Show:


Winner Show Helsinki - Best of Breed Puppy

judge: John Reeve-Newson Canada 



7 months



6,5 months



5 months




15 weeks



13 weeks


7,5 weeks



6 weeks




40 days


1 month



20 days




10 days



24 hours



Health:  HD: OFA Good (AS-25261G31F-VPI)
HD: B/B (Finland - 17.12.08)
ED: OFA Normal (AS-EL3435F31-VPI)
ED: 0/0 (Finland - 17.12.08)
eyes checked (15.10.09, 22.9.08, 19.7.07, 1.6.06) - clear
DNA Test (AHT, Great Britain) for HSF4 mutation  - clear
MDR1 Normal/ Normal (based on of both parents results)
full complement of permanent teeth, scissors bite
full complement of milk teeth, scissors bite


height 52 cm
long tail, undocked



 COI 9,86 (14 generations)

Windedos Night Flight

HD/ A, elbows 0, eyes cleared

VCH WTCH Ch Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin PATDc GS-O JS-O RS-O DNA-VP
OFA good
HOF Ch Casa Buena Cadillac Jack STDc OTDds DNA-CP
OFA good
HOF WTCH Gabrielinos Gloria CD RDg DNA-CP
OFA good
Fairoaks Amaretto
OFA exc, CERF 97, 98, neg (01, 02), HD/ A (Sweden 2000)
Fairoaks Atreyu STDd OTDcs DNA-CP
OFA good
Boot Hills Ronita of Fairoaks
OFA good

Ch.Legends RX for Success DNA-CP
OFA good

Ch.Windogo's Johnnie Walker Red
OFA exc.
VCH WTCH Ch.Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDsc HS-As ROM I DNA-CP
OFA good
Private Stoc Artistic Design
OFA good
HOF Ch.Windhills Shine on Macon
OFA good
HOF Private Stoc's Manzanita OTDc STDd CD
OFA good



I would like to thank to Zdenek and Marketa Korint, Marketa Urbaskova, Lucie Brettsnajdrova and her mother, Ivana Patakova, Pekka Viljakainen, Janina Wallgren, Katri Soini, Teppo and Sari Kariluoto for the pictures used on this page :-)


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