Ch.Vore's Crazy Cassandra




Andra 13 years and 9 months old





28.10.1994 - 28.3.2009


red with white markings


Czech Champion




Cataract DNA test (HSF4) - Normal


excision of the right hip ball (February 2002)

eyes cleared several times

senile cataract (found in February 2005)



A1, competed in A2


ZVOP - herding instinct test


10x BOB, 10x CAC, 1x CACA, 2x National Winner, 13x excellent, Regional Winner


got breedable status from the Czech Rare Breeds Club (KCHMPP)


Andra never had puppies.


Andra was the first Australian Shepherd imported to the Czech Republic. She was also the first Aussie registered in the Czech Stud Book


Cause of death:

total organs failure due to lymphoma cancer


Breeder:    Pam McIntire, USA


the most popular place to control everything around   

May 2006

February 2006







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COI 10,64



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