A litter

* 14.4.2006 

sire: TJH (rh) KORAD Windedos Night Flight

dam: JCh. Multi.Ch. Kl.Ch. GrandCh. VetCh. s. a. Lost Creek Diandra Tracy JS-E-OP, RS-E, GS-O AXJ AX CGC EWJ03 DNA-CP


And Again



owner: Anne & Sami Topra, Finsko

BOS, 2nd Best Male,  CAC, Res.CACIB, 

LA3, BH, JK1, TK1

Obedience 2, JV-O, RV-N


Pepsi  July 2009   Pepsi  March 2010


And I am Here



owner: Petra KochovŠ

Junior Champion CZ, 

Champion CZ, Club Champion KCHBO, 

Club Winner, 

BIS Black



Grek  October 2009   Grek  April 2008


And I Want ...



owner:  Monika BuddeusovŠ  & Diandra

CAC (3x), Res.CAC,

»Kä (4x)

Club Working Champion KCHBO (herding), Selection (agility, herding), 

Winner of the Aussie Czech Agility Championship 2011 & 2012 (indiv.), 2013 (teams), 

Res.Winner of the Czech Herding All Breed Championship, CACT, Winner of the Club Agility Championship




Kidd  October 2009   Kidd October 2007

Kidd 2008   Kidd September 2013

All About Me



owner: Sari Kariluoto, Finsko

BOB, BOS, CAC (2x), Res.CAC

Finish and Estonian Agility Champion, 

Finish Agility Aussie of the Year 2010 - 2012

CACIAg, BH, LA3, Obedience 2, Reporting 1, JS-N, RS-N, HIT


Telkkš  June 2009   Telkkš  Winter 2009/ 2010


All By Myself



owner: MVDr.Miroslava Valterova

Club Winner

CAC (3x), »Kä (4x)



Arya  October 2008   Arya  December 2009


All Eyes on Me



owner: Lucie Dlouha & Diandra

Champion CZ

Club Champion KCHBO,

GrandChampion CZ,

BOB, Winner of the Specialty Show, BIS Black (2x),

Club Working Champion KCHBO (SAR), Selection (SAR),

Winner of the Aussie Obedience Championship (2x), CACT

ZZS2, ZZP3, ZTV2, RH-WB,  RH-E, RH-TB, RH-FA,  ZVP2, ZPU1, ZZZ, OB-2  (in total 20 exams)

certified SAR dog 


Andra 11 months old   Andra  February 2007

Adra during ZZP1 exam   Andra  water SAR training June 2007


picture day 42nd          pictures day 31st          pictures day 20th          pictures day 10th

group pictures day 26th          group pictures day 20th          group pictures days 1st-17th

pictures day 1st


Meet our parents


TJH (rh) KORAD Windedos Night Flight

JCh. Multi.Ch. Kl.Ch. VetCh. GrandCh. s. a. Lost Creek Diandra Tracy JS-E-OP, RS-E, GS-O AXJ AX CGC EWJ03 DNA-CP


black c/w (possibly red factored)

HD/ A, elbows OK, eyes cleared (7/09, 6/08, 3/07, 1/06, 9.4.03)

height 53 cm, weight 23 kg

Swedish character test with excellent results

approved SAR (Search and Rescue) dog (at 38 months)

breeder: Lena Stangvik/ Windedo (Sweden)

owner: Susanne Johansson (Sweden)


Tintin's pictures - here

more pictures of Tintin from his owner - here

Tintin's Literrmattes - here


More information on Trey - here

Tintin passed SAR exam at the age of 2 years and 10 months. Tintin with Susanne passed the final SAR test at the beginning of April 2006.  They are both Search and Rescue team now, which can be called for help anytime from April 9, 2006.


Tintin mainly concentrated on SAR training in the past but Susanne has also sheep and they are concentrating on herding now. His trainer said about him that he is keen worker with good sense of balance.


Tintin loves to work, learn by himself of his own mistakes, is very friendly towards everybody but is still very dependent on his owner. Despite that he shows guardian-instincts especially when the sheep are around. He is naturally very obedient with a lot of "will to please". Although he isn't a "hard" dog he has a lot of courage, nothing in the SAR-environment scares him (gunshots, darkness, heights, ground that is instable, fire, smoke and so on).


The Stud has been chosen with the great emphasis on health, bloodlines and character. We are expecting a versatile litter with standard conformation and high willness to work.

You can read more about our trips to Sweden        The first trip            The second trip


Eyes of the whole litter were cleared (1.6.2006). Puppies are tattooed and have microchipedhave Pet Passport, puppy contracts with guarantees, videotape + CD with parents and all littermates etc.


Pedigree - COI 9,86


Windedos Night Flight

HD/ A, ED 0, eyes clear, 

MDR1 norm./ norm.

HOF VCH WTCH Ch Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin PATDc GS-O JS-O RS-O DNA-VP
OFA Good
HOF Ch. Casa Buena Cadillac Jack STDc OTDds DNA-CP
OFA Good
HOF WTCH Gabrielinos Gloria CD RDg DNA-CP
OFA Good
Fairoaks Amaretto
OFA Exc, CERF 97, 98, neg (01, 02), HD/ A (Sweden 2000)
Fairoaks Atreyu OTDcs STDd DNA-CP
OFA Good
Boot Hills Ronita of Fairoaks
OFA Good
Ch. Windogo's Johnnie Walker Red
OFA Exc.
VCH WTCH Ch. Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDsc HS-As ROMIp ROMIIo DNA-CP
OFA Good
Private Stoc Artistic Design
OFA Good
HOF Ch. Windhills Shine on Macon
OFA Good
HOF Private Stoc's Manzanita OTDc STDd CD
OFA Good


Finally I would like to thank Susanne that she allowed this cross. Tintin is amazing, happy boy! Susanne, thank you :-))






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