One of my favorite aunts appeared in our house on a January Sunday. While they were packing with my mom (mainly when they were preparing the food I carefully supervised :-)))) they were talking about someone named Tintin and they were asking me between whiles if I was looking forward to a trip. Of course I was looking forward to it, I like going anywhere, especially with my mom. At last, in the evening we sat into the car and uncle Martin joined us soon too. Martin had to drive the whole way and he had no extra hand to scratch my ears :-((((

We were driving so long that I fell asleep. They woke me up in the middle of night and said to me: „You have to go to potty, it is not possible to do it on the ferry.“ On the ferry? What is it? I am traveling by bus, car, underground, tram quite regularly I even tried out the plane several times but ferry? We drove in, got out of the car and went up the steep steps together with other people to the board. Nothing difficult for me but you know – it was so boring, nothing is allowed there and I had to be good girl the whole time ;-) and on top of it all tucked in – quite boredom.

When we got out from the boat to the mainland again, uncle and my mom were very surprised to see there was almost no snow since a few days ago there was such a nasty snow storm that the electricity was off. So they decided to take a shorter way. 

I took a short nap, I do not know for how long I slept but soon we stopped again and everybody got out from the car but without me!!!! It was not nice from them at all. Especially when a dog run out from the house close to which we were parking and everybody was watching only him. The dog was also greeting them like he knew them well. Hey mom, how come you know him and I do not? Well, they let me out of the car after some time and this strange dog was welcoming me as an old friend of his. Finally, we all got into the house and I was able to find the kitchen very quickly so I made myself at home. I also noted that they called this dog Tintin – so it was clear at once. Everybody sat in the kitchen and kept talking, they also checked many papers, they discussed health, exams, search and rescue and many other things. Martin had finally time to pet me properly as he was not exactly interested in the discussion between Tintin’s mom and my mom so he played with both of us. They sat there for a such looong time but eventually I heard a familiar word – walk, so I was happy I would have a chance to exercise a little bit after such a long journey.

Well, we were running a bit too much at the end, so I gladly returned to the kitchen again. And all repeated again, everybody sat around the table watching TV and talking and talking. Boredom!!! The only good thing was that someone shared a biscuit with me every now and then :-)))) Even my mom paid all her attention to Tintin. To be honest, at one moment I was not jealous that much, it was when his mom took out the brushes, scissors and my mom began to use them on him.

After a few hours we said good bye and set off for a drive home. Well, not directly as Martin wanted to see one huuuge bridge so we went for such a long long walk on the sea-coast. My mom with uncle were not so excited about this walk but I loved it. In the evening, we took the ferry again and then there was a tiring drive home. I was sleeping through the whole way home and could not understand why everybody was so tired – it was a great trip and I could go for it any time again ;-)))


Yours Trey


PS: Are you interested where we stayed? Are you curious who is Tintin? Then do not forget to come back to our website :-)









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