Ch. Cl.Ch.z.All Eyes on Me Diandra






* 14.04.2006


black c/w female



Champion of the Czech Republic

Club Champion of KCHBO

Club Show Napajedla 2009 - excellent 1, CAC, ČKŠ

Club Show Pohorelice 2008 - excellent 2, Res.CAC

Club Show Mlada Boleslav 2008 - excellent 2, Res.CAC, ČKŠ

Club Show Mladá Boleslav 2007  - excellent 2, BIS Black

CAJC (CZ, Austria), CAC

Club (KCHBO) Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008)
- 5th place in Adult Females category

Club (KCHBO) Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2007)
- 2nd place in Junior Females category



Club (KCHBO) Working Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008)

SAR: 1st place among Aussies, totally 2nd

Club (KCHBO) Working Merit for Australian Shepherds (2007)

SAR: Absolute Winner,   versatile: 1st place among Aussies, 10th place totally

Owner: Lucie Dlouha, Praha & Martina Hodkova

Andra follows her sire’s footsteps and together with her owner Lucie is active in Search and Rescue. Lucie has some considerable experience in SAR; she achieved level 3 (the highest) several times with her Andra No. 1 (malinois). I hope that Andra will also follow her predecessor’s footsteps. Based on the publicity, Andra has already been a great advertisement for the Australian Shepherd breed among SAR people.

Sometimes you can also meet Andra in the conformation ring – when Lucie “lends” her to me.

In case Andra fulfills not only the official breeding conditions, but also my private criteria, she will also be the Brood bitch at our Kennel.


how I am growing:

11.11.09  Club Show KCHBO (with awarding of Club Winner title) Napajedla - excellent 3 - pictures here

10.11.09  Club Show KCHBO (without awarding of Club Winner title) Napajedla - excellent 1, CAC, ČKŠ and fulfilleld conditions for the title Club Champion of KCHBO - pictures here

8.8.09  pictures from another rappelling training - here


11.7.09  Andra passed at the SAR camp another exam, this time it was ZVP2 (exam in water search of the 2nd level) with 264 points.

9.7.09  Andra passed exam ZZS1 (SAR tracking of the 1st level) with 274 points.

20.6.09  Andra passed exam RH-WA (Water Search rescue exam) with 267 points.

13.6.09  National Show Klatovy (CZ) - excellent 1, CAC, she fulfilled conditions for Champion of the Czech Republic

23.5.09  Andra passed exam RH-FA (SAR tracking "A")

16.5.09  Andra passed ZTV1 exam (field search)

10. - 12.4.09  IRO International Team Competition

Andra was member of the team placed 4th from 22 teams in total and they also fulfilled competition limit - congratulations!!!

12.3.09  Here is video of Andra's obedience

8.2.09  Andra passed exam RH-TB (Search and Rescue Exam) with full set of points in Obedience part, in total 287 points - congratulations!!!!.

Club (KCHBO) Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008) 
Andra placed fifth in the category Adult Females (there were totally 28 females in this category)

Club (KCHBO) Working Merit for Australian Shepherds (2008)

SAR: 1st place among Aussies, totally 2nd

22.11.08  Andra passed exam ZZP2  (SAR works exam) with 271 points

9.11.08  Andra passed RH-TA exam with 275 points

2.10.08  Andra passed eyes exam - everything OK

20.9.08 Club Show KCHBO - Pohorelice (CZ)

- excellent 2, Res.CAC

judge: Elena Ruskovaara (Finland)



19.7.08  National Show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - excellent 1, CAC - pictures

28.6.08  International Show Brno (CZ) - excellent 1, CAC - pictures

14.6.08  Club Show (KCHBO) - Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - excellent 2, Res.CAC, ČKŠ  

- judge: Regula Seiler (Switzerland) - pictures

19.4.08   International Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ) - excellent 2, Res.CAC - pictures

29.3.08  Andra passed ZZP1 (SAR works exam) with excellent evaluation - obedience 96 points, special exercises 197 points - pictures here

Club (KCHBO) Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2007) 
Andra placed second in the category Junior Females (there were totally 28 females in this category)

Club (KCHBO) Working Merit for Australian Shepherds (2007)
SAR: Absolute Winner,   versatile: 1st place among Aussies, 10th place totally

17.11.07  International Show Praha (CZ), excellent 4

6.10.07    International Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ), excellent 1, CAJC

22.9.07    Club Show (KCHBO) Pohorelice (CZ), very good 4

16.9.07    Andra passed another exam, this time it was ZVP1 (Exam of water works) with 180 points - more here

8.9.07      National Show Brno (CZ), excellent 2

26.8.07    International Show Innsbrück (A) - excellent 1, Jugendbester - pictures         

25.8.07    National Show Innsbrück (A) - excellent 1

12.8.07    Andra passed Breed Survey and Character Test in Vetrkovice:

Breed Survey (KCHBO) with the result: Brood Bitch if eyes and hips exams will be according to the Breeding rules of KCHBO

Character Test: she got 100 points (from 100 maximum) and also passed untraditional aport

21.7.07    National Show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - excellent 2 - pictures

7.7.07      Andra passed RH-E exam with 180 points

17.6.07    Andra passed ZZZ exam with 190 points - more here

7.-10.6.07  SAR training in the water - more here

3.6.07    Specialty Show (KCHBO) Mlada Bleslav (CZ) - Excellent 2

2.6.07    Club Show (KCHBO) Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - Excellent 2, BIS Black  
- judge: Leslie Sorensen (USA)  -  pictures

19.5.07     International Show Litomerice (CZ) - Excellent 3

5.5.07    Andra passed Obedience exam ZPU1 with excellent evaluation (as optional discipline she tracked and got full set of points)

28.4.07    Intl. Show Praha (CZ) - excellent - report and pictures - here

21.4.07     Intl. Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ) - Excellent 4 - report and pictures - here

11,5 months - Andra passed Obedience Exam - more info here

11 months




10 months

Andra celebrated untraditionally her 10th months birthday

rappelling trainning




Andra at her first show:

27.1.2007 Intl. Show Trencin (SK) - Excellent 4




7 months


5 months



4,5 months - SAR trainning camp

napřed trochu modelka   



potom se rozcvičíme na překážkách   



pak si dáme stopičku   




ani předmět jsem nepřehlédla :-))   


a na skovku už to taky znám   

Lucky syn se velmi ochotně zúčastňuje výcviku jako figurant :-)   




10 weeks

7,5 weeks



6 weeks


40 days


1 month


20 days


10 days


24 hours



Health:  HD: 1/2 (HD/ C), evaluated by DVM Michal Čáp, Czech Republic
HD: OFA Mild
ED: OFA Normal (AS-EL3187F24-VPI)
eyes checked (22.10.09, 2.10.08, 1.6.06) - clear
MDR1 Normal/ Normal (based on of both parents results)
full complement of permanent teeth, scissors bite
full complement of milk teeth, scissors bite


Brood Bitch (KCHBO)
height 49,5 cm
Character Test: 100 points (from 100 possible) + untraditional aport
long tail, undocked

Description from the Breed Survey: BROOD BITCH if hips and eyes exams will be OK according to Breeding Rules of KCHBO, 49,5 cm, both eyes brown, tail long/ undocked, typical head, ears placed high, correctly set, correct shape and middle size, eyes round, correctly placed, full complement of teeth, scissors bite, neck according to standard, chest deep and spacious, back firm, straight, strong and level, croup slightly sloped, tummy according to standard, forequarters: position and angulations correct,  free elbows in the movement, blades correctly placed, correct length, front legs straight, strong, hindquarters: position and angulations correct, hocks short, perpendicular, parallel, coat medium texture and length, color according to standard, pigmentation corresponds with the coat color, eyelids, lips and nose fully pigmented, movement smooth, free, easy, balanced, convergent, sex correctly expressed, in the show condition, general appearance balanced, medium size and bone, good frame, character steady, active, attentive. Without reaction on shooting.

l(12.8.2007 Vetrkovice, judge: Petr Rehanek)

Character Test: 10-10-20-5-10-15-10-10-10 = 100 points + untraditional aport



 COI 9,86 (14 generations)

Windedos Night Flight

HD/ A, elbows 0, eyes cleared

MDR1 Normal/ Normal

VCH WTCH Ch Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin PATDc GS-O JS-O RS-O DNA-VP

OFA good

HOF Ch Casa Buena Cadillac Jack STDc OTDds DNA-CP

OFA good

HOF WTCH Gabrielinos Gloria CD RDg DNA-CP

OFA good

Fairoaks Amaretto

OFA exc, CERF 97, 98, neg (01, 02), HD/ A (Sweden 2000)

Fairoaks Atreyu STDd OTDcs DNA-CP

OFA good

Boot Hills Ronita of Fairoaks

OFA good


OFA good

Ch.Windogo's Johnnie Walker Red

OFA exc.

VCH WTCH Ch.Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDsc HS-As ROM I DNA-CP

OFA good

Private Stoc Artistic Design

OFA good

HOF Ch.Windhills Shine on Macon

OFA good

HOF Private Stoc's Manzanita OTDc STDd CD

OFA good



I would like to thank to Zdenek and Marketa Korint, Jan and Irena Kadlec, Marketa Urbaskova, Lucie Brettsnajdrova and her mother, Ivana Patakova, Teppo and Sari Kariluoto, Ing.arch.Martina Kapralkova and the owner for the pictures used on this page :-)

Other pictures were provided by Bronek Pribyl and Kristyna Kilianova, thank you.


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