1.4.2007 Obedience Exam (ZOP) Kladno

Participants: All Eyes on Me aka Andra and her owner Lucie Dlouha, judge Jan Plsek

Face to face with the judge


Group and Special Exercises

heel on leash in group



positions on leash: sit – lay down – stand up

sedni :-)   lehni :-)   vstaň :-)

long down in the group




walk on ugly material with one sit

transport of the dog by the owner and by strange person

So we made it :-)

The result? We missed the excellent mark by one point. All in all, we got 89 points.

Please notice that Andra often looks very nicely into the camera, unfortunately, she too often made sure that I was there and did not leave her while she was exercising. So, I am sorry, Lucie, I spoiled it a bit for you with my presence, but I could not miss her first test from the many tests that you will certainly pass together in the future. I congratulate you both very much!!!! J J J  





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