ZPU1 Test of working usability

Individual Exercises

-         recall

-         heel off leash

-         positions off leash: sit – lay down – stand up

-         barking on command off leash

-         retrieve (aport)

-         high jump (80 cm for dogs under 50 cm in withers, 1 m for the dogs over 50 cm in withers)

-         climbing jump (A-frame)

-         long down – handler off sight (while the next dog is doing those exercises)

-         optional exercises: guarding of owner’s item or track (own, 100 steps long, 2 items on the track, one angle)

Group and Special Exercises

-         heel off leash in group (3-5 dogs)

-         positions off leash: sit – lay down – stand up

-         down while walking in heel position (handler is walking with the dog in heel position and on judge command, handler asks dog to lay down 
and stay while handler walks away without stopping)

-         walk on ugly material with one sit

-         indifference to crash noise (not shooting)