Second trip


Our first visit of Tintin confirmed my choice of the Stud so I saved Trey’s longing for another trip. When she came to heat we made another visit.

I spent last year thinking of who would be better for Trey - Tintin or his brother, who seemed to be slightly better in some aspects according to pictures and videotape but his hip evaluation was B. Finally I went for Tintin. The big advantage is that whole litter was x-rayed and from 8 puppies 6 of them have evaluation HD/ A (including Tintin) and 2 are HD/ B. In their hip evaluation B grade still does not mean hip dysplasia but after my experience with Andra I am just very careful. I also have reliance that there is no snoozing time-bomb in a littermate which did not get x-rayed. During that I also had a chance to find more about all littermates in general, which confirmed me the right choice because the whole litter is very very nice.

But back to our trip. The same aunt appeared at my place on a February evening. She lives in the other part of our country so those trips allowed us to talk over many things as we see each other very rarely. Also Karel, who was going to drive us, turned up together with her. When you are going somewhere for the second time you already know what to expect so packing was easier and faster this time and we could leave some unnecessary stuff at home. Anyway, the packing was again carefully supervised by Trey and not only by her ;-)

From my point of view we left at really nasty hour to catch the ferry departing at 1 pm. This time we were on the ferry in a day time so we had a chance to look over the ferry and to take a lot of pictures.







And we still had time for some sleep ;-)




I am not sure how to describe mating itself. We spent with Tintin’s owners two beautiful and sunny days, him mom and her husband and very nice people. 

Whenever I recall their home, I always remember the taste of this delicious salmon we had for lunch :-)))))) Besides mating, we also played tourists and visited some places including one shopping centre ;-)


According to the ultrasound our trip was successful.


Finally I would like to thank Slavka, Karel and Martin who did not get put off my – sometimes very crazy – ideas and that they made the trips with me. Special thanks goes to you, Slavka, for participating on the second trip even though you knew exactly what you are letting yourself into :-))


PS: Are you still interested where we stayed? In Sweden!

Come back, I promise to introduce Tintin next time ;-)))))))





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