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December 2010



Pictures from our November walk with the litter B - here



Club (KCHBO) Conformation Merit for Australian Shepherds (2010)

Trey  - Best Veteran Female was entered only to the two shows in 2010

Ricky  - Best Veteran Male and Best Veteran, he was entered to 3 shows this year

Grek  - 13th place from 36 Adult Males - he was shown 2 times

Andra jr. - 20th place among 43 Adult Females - 3 shows



International Show, Kassel, D, judge: Hans Joachim Dux, D

Ory - very good

Ziggy  - excellent

This time we went to Germany, this time Ory went with us and also Ziggy. At this show there was a lot of Aussies entered. Just in Junior male class there were 8 dogs entered, at the Junior female class were 9 bitches entered. Ory was very self-confident, he shown himself very nicely. 

He has new pictures on his personal web from this show and also pictures made at the end of November.



International Show, Wels, A, judge: Tibor Havelka, SK

Muff - very good 3

Ziggy  - excellent 3

We made a trip to Austria to try the real show atmosphere. After small Regional Show, held outside, de facto in the park we went to the International Shows held at the exhibition center halls, on the carpet, with many new noises, with almost 3 thousands dogs, many exhibitors and visitors. I was very satisfied how Muff and Ziggy showed in stack and also in movement. Unfortunately my battery charger only pretended that the batteries are charged, so right there I found out that I have two sets of empty batteries and useless charger, thanks to it we do not have any pictures.



International Show, Wels, A, judge: Iuza Beradze, GEO

Muff - very good 4

Ziggy  - very good 4


November 2010



Agility trial


We had a very busy day, dogs even did not realized that they had 6 runs each instead of usual 3, respectively SuperG runs had over 200 meters each and 25 obstacles. Unfortunately my legs realized and my muzzles are hurting ;-) but we really enjoyed it. Especially I liked a lot the final SuperG Jump from finish judge Bea Tanner, pity it was the last run when I did not have too much strength left, but still I was able to have clean runs with both dogs. Beside Ziggy and Ory there were whole day with us Katerina and Yuki and also an hour there was to support us Jan and Muff.

KiddLA2 (1st rnd) - elim., Jump2 (1st rnd) - 6th place, SuperG Agility - elim., LA2 (2nd rnd) - 11th place, Jump2 (2nd rnd) - 9th place, total 2nd rnd - 9th place, SuperG Jump - 6th place

Trey:  LA2 (1st rnd) - 3rd place, Jump2 (1st rnd) - 10th place, total 1st rnd - 3rd place, SuperG Agility - elim.,  LA2 (2nd rnd) - 13th place, Jump2 (2nd rnd) - 3rd place, total 2nd rnd - 7th place, SuperG Jump - 7th place



Today we had a very nice day. We were at walk with all the puppies from our B litter. Of course Ricky and Trey were with us too. It was very nice family reunion. All puppies looked happy and satisfied, having great relationships with their owners. Thank you all for the great care you provide to our puppies.

I also found out that while we were away Andra jr. was participated in search for missing child. Article (unfortunately in Czech) and picture here



We have got sad news today. Ricky's mom Domino passed away yesterday. She would celebrate 16th birthday  in January. Her owner wrote very nice tribute for here - you can read it here.



We are back. Trey came back from USA with the following tittles:


AKC: Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Breed Veteran




Trey also passed CGC test and got a lot of compliments from the evaluator.

Our travel blog is here - new pictures


October 2010



We are with Trey in USA to compete in Conformation and Agility - our travel blog is here - unfortunately in Czech only



Ricky  celebrates 12th birthday today



Agility trial


Trey:  Jump - 2nd place, A2, Open - elim.



Ziggy and Muff were at the Regional Show in Prague to try the Conformation World. At the Baby Class they both have got very promising 1 from judge Miroslav Vaclavik. Denali with her owner were there to watch.

Andra jr. was this weekend at the Czech SAR Championship and placed 16th. This was also last conditions for the Club Work Champion tittle in SAR category, which needed to be fulfilled - congratulations :-))


September 2010



Czech Agility Championship


Trey:  Jump Teams - 10th place, total - 8th place,

Open Individuals - 44th place, total - 35th place 



Czech Agility Championship


Trey:  Open Teams -  place,

Jump Individuals - 41st place, CACIAg - elim.


Club Show (KCHBO), Heroltice

 Kidd - very good 1

I would like to thank to my friend Martina who took him to this show, groomed and showed him while I was at the Agility Championship



Agility trial


KiddJump, LA2 - elim., Open - 10th place, total O + J for both days - 2nd place

Trey:  Jump - 5th place, LA2 - 4th place, Open - elim.



Agility trial


KiddOpen - 1st place, LA2 - elim., Jump - 5th place

Trey:  Open - 4th place, LA2, Jump - elim.


Andra jr. participated at the Czech Cup ZZP which was also qualification competition for the Czech SAR Championship. Andra placed 8th and got qualification to the Czech SAR Championship, which will be held in October - congratulations and good luck there. Andra also participated in August at the SAR atest and just got the info that she passed - she is became the first Aussie in the Czech Republic who passed this atest and is approved now to be officially used for SAR work in the real situation not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. We are very happy that Andra jr. successfully follows her Sire.


August 2010


Ory has new pictures on his page, Izzy has video from tracking - here



Agility exams

Horni Sucha

Kiddboth rounds LA2 - elim.



Agility trial


KiddJump - 4th place, LA2 - 3rd place, total - 2nd place

Trey:  Jump - 2nd place, LA2 - 2nd place, total - 1st place, she also qualified to the Czech Agility Championship


As usually we spent second week in August at Agility Camp in Vetrkovice. There were with us Ricky, Trey, Tiffany, Ziggy, Ory, later Kidd joined us, also Grek and Izzy were there with their owners.          



Agility trial


KiddJump - 3rd place, LA2 - 10th place, Open - 18th place

Trey:  Jump - elim., LA2 - 4th place, Open - 14th place


July 2010



Agility trial


Kidd:  Jump - 13th place, LA2, Night Jump - elim.

Trey:  Jump - 7th place, LA2 - 5th place, Night Jump - 8th place



Pictures of Ory and Andra jr. from SAR camp - here



Few pictures and reports (in Czech) from Club and Specialty Shows - here



Just after her return from the camp Andra jr. got for the first time opportunity to show in reality all she learn from puppyhood. She was a part of the team looking for lost man. Thanks to her they really found him. Unfortunately it was too late and he was found dead. Even if we are proud on her we are very sorry for his family.



Andra jr. was as usualy at the SAR training camp at Spaleniste (CZ). She extended there her long list of exams, this time they passed RH-WB, congratulations!!! 

I also would like to thank to Lucie because she allowed to Ory spend that week with them. Thanks to her Ory got a lot of new experiences and was introduced to many many new things, of course with respect to his age. He had a chance to try tracking, he got first few lessons in SAR whether in area or in debris, he tried to get surf out of the water just little from everything. I really appreciated SMSs which I got every day from Lucie - what new that day he saw and how great he was :-) 

Ory still did not have the right owner..


5. - 6.7.

We had another opportunity to train with our friend Iveta Matzenauerova. We trained tracking and agility. Participants: Kidd, Tiffany, Ziggy, Yuki, Izzy a Muf.


June 2010



Australian Shepherd Specialty Show - Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - judge: Christel Senn (Switzerland)

Grek - excellent 1, CAC, ČKŠ

Ricky - excellent 1, Best Veteran

Andra jr. - excellent 3

Trey - excellent 1, CAC, ČKŠ

Together with the Club Show there was the first Club Obedience Championship where Lucie and Andra jr. participated. Lucie was already some time planned to just try a play Obedience game with her. They really "tried" it just great. They went directly to OB1.

Andra jr. got the first place and she is the first Czech Republic KCHBO Australian Shepherd Obedience Champion.



Australian Shepherd Club Show - Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - judge: Erica Bakker (Netherland)

Grek - excellent 2, Res.CAC, ČKŠ

Ricky - excellent 1, Best Veteran

Andra jr. - excellent 2, Res.CAC

Trey - excellent 1, CAC, ČKŠ

Together with the Club Show there was the first Club Obedience Championship where Lucie and Andra jr. participated. Lucie was already some time planned to just try a play Obedience game with her. They really "tried" it just great. They went directly to OB1.

Andra jr. got the first place and she is the first Czech Republic KCHBO Australian Shepherd Obedience Champion.



Finish Agility Championship, Vantaa

Telkkä  1st rnd Jumping - 44th place from 162 dogs in LA. First 50 continued to the second round which was Open. They had clear run, which you can see here and placed 8th. In total it brought them 19th place. Big congratulations!!!!



We have got results from AHT and Ricky is clear of HFS4 mutation. It means that our B litter is genetically clear on all 4 DNA test which are available for Australian Shepherds.



KCHBO had the first Open Air Czech Agility Championship fro Australian and Belgian Shepherds, Brezineves (CZ)

Ricky  became Vice-Champion, he will be 11 years and 8 months old tomorrow ;-)

1st rnd Open - 2nd place among Aussies (15th in total), 2nd rnd Jumping - 4th place among Aussies (17th in total)

Trey - Open - elim., Jump - 3rd place among Aussies (15th place in total)

Kidd - Open - elim., Jump - 2nd place among Aussies (9th in total)

Grek participated with her owner Petra: Open - elim., Jump - 8th place among Aussies (26th in total)

We also participated in the team competition with our family team Trey, Kidd, Grek with Redy as the fourth member of the team. We placed 3rd among all participating teams.



Agility Trial


After long pause we were at the agility trial. Kidd has pause almost 4 months and Trey did not trialed for 7 months.

Kidd  Jump - 5th place, LA2 - 3rd place, Open - 14th place 

TreyJump - elim., LA2 - 14th place, Open - 15th place

Kidd had the best time in Jump, unfortunately he dropped one bar - video here


May 2010



finally I found time for some more updates:

update of Upcomming Litters and Bred By

And our puppies were very active in May.

Telkkä competed in several trials, just few results:

15.5. Ahvenanmaa - JL3 - 3rd place

22.5. Riihimäki - LA3 - 2nd place

23.5. Kotka - JL3 - 2nd place, LA3 - 3rd place

Pepsi passed finish tracking exam JK1, points achieved brought him to the third place - congratulations!!!

And from Grek we have got one video from May intensive training in Vetrkovice - here

I went with Kidd last week together with other friends to herding clinic in Poland. Floods complicated little bit our driving but vision of great weekend got us safely to that place near Warszaw. I could not miss the opportunity to learn something more about herding particularly from one of the most competent instructors but also ASCA Herding Judge and what is the most important, Maarten Walter is actively trialing his dogs so it is not just about the theory with him. He showed it to us many times during this weekend. In his hands even novice dogs looked like pro. Maarten is also Aussie breeder and in his Gabrielino Kennel was born Chap whom he kept and brought him to the highest titles in different disciplines including his ASCA Conformation Championship. I am very glad that Marteen liked his "grandson" Kidd a lot. My friend Justyna who organized this clinic also has several dogs having Chap as Grand Sire so it was also pleasant family reunion. At the same time I would like to thank to Justyna for allowing us to participate and took great care about us. Thank you.

Pictures and videos later.



We had to say last good-bye to our sheltie Tereza. I was thinking long time what to add but I would rather write that we are sad and also I have rage, which I can gather to one sentence. Tereza was not my first sheltie and even not the last one in my life, but definitely she was the last one Czech bred.


April 2010



International Show, Ceske Budejovice, CZ, judge: Eva Hajkova

Ricky  - excellent 1, Best Veteran

Andra jr. - excellent 3



Tiffany celebrates her first birthdays :-)) 



our A Litter celebrates the 4th birthdays - happy birthday to all of you :-) I would like to say thank you to all the owners for the perfect care of those "puppies" and great representation of our Kennel - I counted recently that they have in total 33 exams, 4 Championships and others just close to finish


March 2010



KCHBO published Working Merits for 2009

in the Agility Category our dogs have the first three places among Aussies:

Trey - first place among Aussies, totally 2nd

Kidd - second place among Aussies, totally 4th

Ricky  third place among Aussies, totally 7th

Grek - 14th place


SAR Category: 

Andra jr. - Absolute Winner (among Aussies and totally)



in the Upcoming litters are new puppy pictures at the age of 51 days. Thank you Marketa Urbaskova and Martina Kapralkova

some of them are still available to the approved homes



Agility Trial


Pepsi recently fulfilled conditions for move up to LA3 - congratulations!!!

LA3 (1st rnd) - 26th place, LA3 (2nd rnd) - 6th place

in the Upcoming litters are new puppy pictures at the age of 43 days. Thank you Marketa Urbaskova and Martina Kapralkova



Our B litter is 6 weeks old. We are still looking for few approved homes.

New pictures at the age of 40 days – first try to make stacked pictures – thanks to my friend Martina Kapralkova for her patience :-)


February 2010



in the Upcoming litters are new puppy pictures at the age of 29 days. Thank you Marketa Urbaskova

My sheltie Terry celebrated 12th years birthday. It is small miracle due to her health issues that she is still with us. Just hope her will to live and strength to fight with her autoimmune complications will last long yet!



Arya  has got result of DNA test from AHT - she is clear of mutation of HSF4 gen



in the Upcoming litters are new puppy pictures at the age of 16 days. Thank you again to Marketa Urbaskova for those wonderful pictures.



Agility Trial


Telkkä – LA3 (1st rnd) - 1st place from 58 dogs, she also won her second certificate. To finish Finland Agility Champion title she needs one more. Congratulations!!!!

LA3 (2nd rnd) - 21st place

LA3 (3rd rnd) - 10th place


Agility Trial


Kidd  Jumping - 18th place, LA2 - elim.

Ricky  Jumping - 6th place from 66 dogs, LA2 - 14th place



Agility Trial


Kidd  Jumping - 20th place, Open - elim., LA2 - 16th place

Ricky  Jumping - 30th place, Open - elim., LA2 - 12th place

Arya  Jumping - 18th place, Open - 20th place, LA2 - elim.

Bara was in the bed with antibiotics and Arya trialed with her mom Mirka.



Ricky and Trey have got DNA test results from Optigen: Ricky CEA/ CH and prcd-PRA, Trey prcd-PRA -  all tests are normal/ clear

It means that our puppies beside MDR1 are also geneticaly clear for CEA/ CH and prcd-PRA.



in the Upcoming litters are new puppy pictures at the age of 4 days. Thank you Marketa Urbaskova for those wonderful pictures.


January 2010



Ricky and Trey have a puppies - 4 males and 3 females



Training Trial

with A.Grygar

Kidd  Jump 1 - 2nd place, Open - dis., Jump 2 - 1st place



Agility Trial


Kidd  LA2 - 2nd place, Jump - 3rd place, Open - 3rd place

Ricky  LA2 - 8th place, Jump - 9. místo, Open - elim.

Grek  LA1, Jump, Open - elim.

There were moments when parcours looked like the judges compete with each other who will make better “trap” and they were quite successful. I personally like such parcours even if for the first sight it looks like it is not possible to make it. When I was on the way to the start line for Saturday Jumping I have got information that it is 13:5 for the judge :-) In Sunday Open there were just 5 dogs from 38 in LA who were able to get to the end without elimination. I always enjoy trials in Louny and we were quite successful this year there. Kidd finished all 6 runs without elimination and placed in four of them. Eleven years old Ricky showed me that he still does not belong to veteran category and is able to compete with much more younger dogs. For example in Saturday Jumping he had 5th best time, he was even faster the Kidd for 0,02 sec. As usually underline runs mean video.

There is short reportage from this trial in local newspaper and both brothers have a picture there.

Thanks to Petra for her visit I really enjoyed the time spend with you and Grek.

 I also would like to thank to all puppy owners of our litter A for all love and care you are giving them. I hope that puppies from our B litter will also have such great owners. Some of them already cannot wait. We still have few spots available on the waiting list for this litter.



Agility Trial


Kidd  LA2 - 7th place, Jump - 1st place, Open - 14th place

Ricky  LA2 - elim., Jump - 7. místo, Open - elim.

Grek  LA1, Jump - elim., Open - 18th place







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