I have heard from many people that it does not make any sense to take a dog herding before one year of age. I have to confirm that it is probably true. Of course, Trey was with us at the Herding Clinic in Germany (see herding on Ricky's page) but not to try herding. She was interested in sheep just as she is in each new thing she did not seen yet.

Anyway, the first sentence here was confirmed by one lady there. She was there to show sheep to her 5 month old boy imported from the USA from one well known Kennel, which breeds Aussies just for herding. This boy was also watching sheep without any big interest. But I am sure that thanks to his pedigree he will be a top herding dog in the future. *

We are living in the Capital City, so access to sheep in a reasonable distance is really not good. But during our Summer Agility Camps we are visiting our friend who owns sheep with the dogs to let them have fun.


* note from February 2008 – I was just curious and checked the web of that puppy who is an adult dog today with the WTCH title and last year he qualified to ASCA Nationals Finals.







Last Edited: 18. 3. 2008

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