Lure Coursing Winner 2004, 2005, 2007

8.10.06 Championship of the Czech Republic Rychety - Winner

16.10.05 Championship of the Czech Republic Praha - Winner

17.7.05 Bohemian Championship Pecinov - Winner (female)

19.9.04 Championship of the Czech Republic Marianske Lazne - Winner (female)

29.8.04 Bohemian Championship Litomysl - Winner (female)



I began with Lure Coursing with Ricky when Trey did not have the age for working on her own License, but when Ricky was good at it, I decided to try it with Trey too as soon as she will have the right age. I thought that with her dependence she will not be willing to run that far from me alone but she did not look over the shoulder and followed the lure very nicely already for the first time. She fulfilled the License runs without problems and from this time Ricky has had a partner at the trials. I would say that Ricky also improved a lot thanks to Trey because „hunting“ in pair is much more interesting and you can see how those two are co-operating there.

At the moment we participate very rarely, only when our other activities let us do so.



Last Edited: 18. 3. 2008

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