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Mum had to return to work so she does not have so much time now for our diary and hereat so many things happen. Some of us are already in the new homes. But they are coming for visits. We, who are still with our mother, were on another two vaccinations and we are happy to hear that we are done for a year. Time to time we got that not tasty bitter pill. But on the other side life is one big fun, we play at the garden, harass Tiffany as well as our mum and daddy; we are going for a walks, riding for a trips. For example we were visiting SAR training place. They have different pipes there and very nice hide-outs which they let us to inspect. One of the ladies there had a camera with her so she documented our stay there – you can see them here – thank you. We also tried “tracking square” and also they tested our reaction to gunfire – we even did not notice it ;-) Our mum prepares us quite often similar surprises in different loud noises so no one should wonder that we do not react :-))

Some of us were on agility training place, here we have a important complain as you correctly read only some of us have been there, some of us not yet, simply injustice :-(

This weekend we were on the SAR training in debris. Wow, you never had such fun – stacks of debris, bricks, sand, earth and have no idea what else, house without doors and windows with many rooms with another mess and we were allowed to inspect absolutely everything and everywhere and were praised for it :-). Finally they took us to the cellar where was absolute darkness. To get to the cellar we had to use steps from separate desks via which we could see through. We walk in the large dark cellar where the only light was small lights on human helmets. To get out from the cellar we had to go on plank on which was ladder. We all made it. In the first round we got there on the plank and using the stars on the other side and in the second round it was opposite. Jack felt probably as a hero as he left the room via window hole, thanks God we were in the ground floor. He went first without waiting for us and when mum said it is safe, the rest of us was allowed to do it to :-)


We were on another trip today; we visited our fried with whom we are making pictures. They have very nice garden with beautiful lawn. During yesterday’s visit we heard air-fighters several times, at this place there was just across the street very frequent railway. Neither of those noises bored us ;-)


We had a beautiful day; at the beginning it did not look so because after short ride we were at the place with the antiseptic smell. We have to be good puppies and sit on the table while someone look to our eyes. But they said we are all OK. We rode by car again little bit longer now and at the end we got out on nice garden. One of us will live there soon. We had to check every centimeter there whether outside or inside. We were very sorry that the outside tank with fishes was behind the fence ;-)


We have a new pictures - have a look below


We have visitors almost every day but today there was one special – club control – we were trying to be good puppies but she keep repeating how nice and good we are so we stop to pretend and showed her our real temperament ;-) anyway everything was OK and we have in written that we are friendly, playful and temperament


for the first time we found out that life is not always just big fun :-(, vaccination was ok, application of microchip was almost ok but the tattoo it was really au au au. And as a last we have green color everywhere ;-)


wow it was the trip, we went to Cesky raj to have a look on the place where our older half-siblings spent their second month, we were walking in the wood where were a lot of obstacles, not like our flat garden at home, as we have to get used, some of us rode in the kennels alone :-( totally the trip by car was almost 200 km


we ride in the car today for the first time as the real dogs, not in someone's lap but in the big kennel


we have to tell you that Green is strange, can you imagine he says that the de-worming pasta taste good for him, do you understand it?
we were trying to make a pictures today


Today our mom decided that we cannot sit at home when the snow showed up again so we were outside to try it - it is cold it is true but we had a great time outside romping there. 
Tonight we are going to get that ugly de-worming pasta :-(


We have the first stacked pictures - it is not perfect but we tried hardly :-) males already have names - have a look below


There was big inspection today and also small battle but finally we can say that everybody has all milk teeth and scissors bite


We were on our first car trip, mom was trying to show us all the tricks how is possible to drive, but she did not get us, we were looking around and thought window or just simply slept ;-)


We are one month old and we were outside on the sun for the first time


All of us have over 2,5 kg, some of us even 2,8 kg


We were again visited by Marketa who left our mom with 659 pictures; we are quite big for laying pictures but too small yet for stacked pictures


They gave us that ugly de-worming pasta, ugh :-(


First of us have got over 2 kgs weight


We have got first real food today. Some of us have it on most incredible parts of the body :-) but it tasted good ;-)


We have got for the first time another milk that the one from our mom :-)


Our teeth are coming out - poor mommy, we all have over 1,5 kg


Today we were visited again by Marketa with better camera then she had last time, we wanted to show her how we grew and how we can "run" now but it was not met with big excitement from human side ;-) they said that lie down will be just fine :-(


All of us have more or less open eyes, just some males are slower; we were de-wormed for the first time today and have to say it does not taste good :-(


The "orange" girl was the first one who opened her eyes today; we all have more then one kilo


Most of us weigh over one kilo







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